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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why We Don't Tell

Kelly and I picked up a little tip from some folks in Richmond when it comes to revealing baby's names: we don't tell until the baby is born. Here's why:

1. The freedom to change our minds. This is Kelly's main concern. This is particular dicey if you're thinking about using a family name, which we did with Emma Kate (Kelly's grandmother and mom). Imagine trying to have this conversation: "Mom, we were thinking about naming her after you, but Kelly Clarkson is just so much more cool!"

2. Don't want too much feedback. This is my main thing. Say I'm going to name my little girl "Clarkson." If I shop the name around before she's born, people feel tons of freedom to give me their un-edited comments. Comments which I may or may not care to hear: "Clarkson!?!?!? That's a terrible name!"

But if baby girl Clarkson is born and I present that little bundle of wrinkled cuteness and say, "And here's baby Clarkson!" ain't nobody going to say a thing at that point. They all melt immediately at the sight of her royal cuteness, even if the name's ridiculous.

3. The joy of a surprise. It's just fun to have something stashed away on the big day.

Just a little tip for all of you out there who might have kids some day.

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B-U-R-L-Y said...

A little tip for you, Mr. Kirk ... don't reveal the gender either.