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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday Grab-Bag

*I must celebrate the kick-off of the football season. College football is not my first love, but football is football. And of course all of us here in North Carolina are suddenly life-long Appalachian State fans after their huge upset of Michigan over the weekend.

*Also worth noting (at least for me) that the Butch Davis era began well with a thrashing of James Madison University--with apologies to my peeps back in Virginia who love the Dukes.

*No baby yet, but perhaps some early signs of labor. We'll keep you updated.

*There's a video floating around out there that should be titled: southern beauty-pagent contestant shatters no stereotypes. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to check it out. As my friend Mike said, the young lady brings up some compelling points.

*Way back on June 17th, I posted that the company that makes Thomas the Tank Engine had announced a recall of several trains due to lead in the paint. Davis loves Thomas engines and one of his favorites, James, had to go. After two and a half months of pining away and eagerly checking the mailbox I'm happy to report that James came in the mail today. I'm not sure if we should celebrate our son's perseverance and tenacity or if we should be concerned that something so commercial captures his heart so easily!

*Last Friday the UNC school newspaper published a couple of articles on the same day regarding Christians recruiting for new students on campus. One article was general, basic, and I got a couple of quotes in. This editorial certainly gives a less-than-complimentary picture of Christian activity on campus...and probably represents how much of the campus thinks about us. Any coincidence that these two articles appeared on the same day in the same paper just pages away from one another? Probably not...


well. let's see. said...

J-M-U Duuuuuuuuuuuuuukes. Forever.

Ash said...

That editorial made me sad for the write, but it leads to some good discussion fodder for Christian groups on campus. What is attractive to a non-Christian? Winsomeness, joy, strength and peace in the midst of trials...a good place to start, anyway. There's also loving people as they are. IV in my day was pretty good about these things, and I have hope that they still are. There's a lot more to campus ministry than s'mores. (Not a bad starting point for our church discussion coming up, either.)

Marshall Benbow said...

Here is a reply from CC staff - it was pretty good.

http://media.www.dailytarheel.com/med ia/storage/paper885/news/2007/09/05/LettersToTheEditor/Second.Letter.From.The.Christians.To.John.Musci-2949979.shtml