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I write about the infinite number of intersections between every day life and the good news of the God who has come to get us.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogger Vacation

I'm taking Christmas break from Piebald Life land. I'll hopefully be starting back up in the New Year, so follow me through Google Reader, here on the site, or just keep an eye on Facebook!

Merry Christmas!


J. R. Daniel Kirk said...

Yo, man,

I want you back to blogging, and I want you blogging Barth.

Get on it.

J. R. Daniel said...

He woke up.

He was at the beach.

The kids laughed at him because he had fallen asleep with his head turned. One side copper with the sun, the other was pale with the protection of his shadow.

But the man simply turned his head. And returned to sleep.

Upon waking, his entire face was penny brown.

Piebald no more.

And the children wept.