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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old School Caedmon's Granting Some Perspective on Some Old School Frustrations

Given that I'm heading into a season of transition, I've done a good bit reflecting on my five years at UNC.

Much of it has been joyful. Some of it has not. In fact, just last week I kicked over/the Lord showed me a place where I was carrying around some bitterness and frustration from a season that was particularly hard.

This morning I was praying about the hard stuff. And on my way down to campus, as I was fasting from sermons and listening to some worship music, the Lord met me in worship.

I was hitting up some really old-school Caedmon's Call, the song is called "Lead of Love." It reminded me of what's true, maybe it'll encourage you today, too:

Looking back at the road so far
The journey's left its share of scars
Mostly from leaving the narrow and straight

Looking back it is clear to me
That a man is more than the sum of his deeds
And how You've made good of this mess I've made
Is a profound mystery

Looking back You know You had to bring me through
All that I was so afraid of
Though I questioned the sky, now I see why
Had to walk the rocks to see the mountain view
Looking back I see the lead of love

Looking back I can finally see (I'd rather have wisdom)
How failures bring humility (than be)
Brings me to my knees (a comfortable fool)
Helps me see my need for Thee

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