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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Implants, Reductions, and Asking Better Questions

Somewhere along the way I learned from someone that the key to wisdom was not so much having all the right answers as much as asking the right questions.

The leaders in just about any industry are leaders partly because they know a lot of stuff, but mostly because they're asking the better questions to drive their quest for knowledge in the right direction.

When I find someone (or something) that helps me to ask better questions, that's a great gift. And so I point you, good readers, to Mollie Ziegler Hemingway's article from Christianity today Is Cosmetic Surgery Immoral?

Here's a teaser from the article...

I'm one of those people who frown on cosmetic surgery. Ever since I realized my friends were getting nose jobs for their 16th birthdays, I felt that body modification was somehow cheating. And when I see aging celebrities with lips that look like they belong on a duck, I actually cringe....

Ethicist Leon Kass talks about the "wisdom of repugnance," the idea that our revulsion indicates an intuitive understanding that something is morally awry. Indeed, Michael Jackson's and Joan Rivers's adventures under the knife seem like modern-day morality tales.

But is plastic surgery bad because it's unnatural? Shaving armpits and legs is unnatural, but you don't hear a lot of popular sentiment about how Americans are going against nature and nature's God when women buy razors.

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