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Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Public with My Changes in Latitudes

So the big news in my life is that after fourteen years serving on campus with InterVarsity (9 at Virginia Commonwealth and this my fifth at UNC-Chapel Hill) I'm leaving campus after this school year to take a supervisory position with IV.

This won't entail an actual change in latitude. I'll stay in the south Durham/Chapel Hill area and supervise the campus work at UNC-Chapel Hill, Elon, Davidson, UNC-Charlotte and the University of South Carolina. My primary interaction will be with IV staff who lead the student work on those campuses.

I will begin the job on July first.

As I've told students the news over the past week or two, the reality is starting to sink in. Some students know me and are sad. Some don't know me and don't care. Others just don't like change so any transition is unsettling.

I have a different emotion about every time I think and talk about the change, but the primary one is that I'll miss the campus and working directly with students so very, very much.

The campus has been the context for much of my character and spiritual formation over the past fourteen years...and much fodder for my blog posts! What will I write about without all these spectacular conversations over bad cafeteria food that I've been subject to for the past fourteen years??

After fourteen years and more downs and ups than I care to imagine, I can say without question that this whole season of my life and ministry has been more life-changing for me than for anyone else. And that is something worth reflecting on and celebrating, for sure.

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