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Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Grab-Bag

Some random thoughts for a Monday morning:

*Thursday night was a very good night--God was good to knock down at least one of the Goliaths by holding back the rain for a couple hours. The crowd was about half the normal size but some good things came of the night. I'll post more about it later in the week.

*The Giants played a great game last night. I have to confess that I was cheering for the Patriots, for history and all that good stuff. But the Giants defense was fantastic and the Patriots offense didn't really click until their final touchdown drive.

*I can tell from my blog posts that my life has been very task-oriented and not as contemplative or conversational. My first several weeks of the semester have been full of big projects that have kept me occupied mentally and physically.

Have you ever looked toward a weekend after a busy week for rest and renewal only to find yourself crabby and checked-out? I find that I have a hard time winding down from 100-mph, even when I'm given the chance to. My gracious wife helped to pull me out of my Saturday funk late in the day...I think that for me, anyway, it takes time not only to to gear up for a busy season of life but to gear down as well.


TwoSquareMeals said...

I was pulling for the Giants all the way. What an amazing game! Hobbes was cheering "Go, E-eye!" for most of the night.

Marshall Benbow said...

I was with you on the Patriots - I wanted to see a perfect season. It's the same with why I pull for Tiger Woods and Federer - I love to watch someone dominate (except Dook)