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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Grab Bag

O, how I love Thanksgiving!  Let me introduce you to my three "F's" of Thanksgiving:

1. Food.  In my family here in Concord, NC (just north of Charlotte), food is an art.  Yesterday was no exception.  Glorious sides of homemade cranberry salad, squash, homemade yeast rolls, homemade stuffing (including oysters), and lots more to go along with a great turkey and ham.

2. Family.  We gathered together at Aunt Wendy's and Uncle Wesley and Bradley's house in Mooresville for Thanksgiving along with Oma and Opa and Uncle Steve.  Davis turns 4 on Saturday and we'll have the same crowd plus a bunch more coming in from Pennsylvania and Georgia to celebrate.

3.  Football.  Some seriously great football going on this weekend. The Packers and Cowboys both looked sharp on Thanksgiving day in their tune-up before they go head-to-head next Sunday afternoon to see who's the best in the NFC.  I just finished watching LSU get knocked off by Arkansas in triple overtime to once again upset the BCS applecart.  All I really want for Christmas is a playoff system!

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to a favorite chorus of mine around the holidays.  It's to the tune of "Country Roads," that 1970's classic by John Denver, just a little re-written for the next generation...

Suburban roads
take me home
to the subdivision
where I belong!
Greater Charlotte
suburban sprawl,
take me home,
suburban roads.


TwoSquareMeals said...

I am so with you on the playoff system for Christmas. Oh, please, Santa!?! I have been a really good girl. All I want is 16 or 32 teams fighting it out game after game until someone comes out on top. And just one year, could you let that be the Vols?

Oh, sorry Piebald...By the way, was that song yours or your bro's? You boys and your song rewrites. I love it!

Brad Barrett said...

Love the re-write of "Country Roads"! Can I add an international version?

Something like:
take me on,
to my foreign
country home!
mountain vistas,
my new home,
take me on.