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Friday, October 12, 2007

Following Up "Now What"

A couple of thoughts from my talk last night:

1. I said some pretty ridiculously hard things--challenged students to re-think their major, their career choices, their friendships, their post-college plans and yes, even their Facebook usage. That they heard those challenges and didn't shut down on me is indicative to me of two things: 1. the Spirit's work in them to desire something more and 2. the real sense of exhaustion from the pace of their lives and the genuine desire to see change happen and to experience real community.

2. My good friend Marshall commented on my previous post that I must be listening to Andy Stanley's sermon podcast "Take it to the Limit." I actually just started listening to the first one in this series, but it sounds fantastic. If you're interested in delving in deeper to the whole idea of creating more margin in your life in order to enjoy the things that really matter, click on Stanley's link or go to Itunes and search for Northpoint Ministries podcasts. He's one of my faves in terms of preachers/speakers that I listen to all the time.

3. And for those of you who are students who were there last night and want to think more about making radical decisions post-college for community, check out Rich Lamb's book from InterVarsity Press, Following Jesus in the Real World. I actually stole a line from him in my talk last night: "Jobs are like refrigerators! Find one that works and plug it in!"


Liz Hundley said...

Thanks for the reading/listening suggestions. That Lamb quote was definitely a hit!

Ashleigh said...

Thanks for doing some IVP evangelism-- makes my job easier to not be the only one. :-P

If I could give post-college (or better yet, pre-sr yr) summer reading to all our students, I think it would be that book. I wish I had read it 6 months ago instead of in the last couple weeks!