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Thursday, March 06, 2008

on the other hand...

So some folks have a deep sense of the mess of tbe world...and of
their own mess. Yesterday's post is for them, the good news that evil
is not all-powerful.

Other folks have a basic world view tbat says everyone is basically
good and that there's just a few bad apples who mess tbings up for the
rest of us. This post is for them.

Evil is only a parasite to the good...but it has indeed ruined
everything and everyone. People are not basically good. They were
created good, in the image of the perfect God. But now we are ruined,
the image has been marred by the Fall.

For those of you who struggle or push-back on this concept, here's my
challenge. For one week keep a journal of every selfish or prideful
or snotty thought you have. Just for one week, actually pay attention
to the conversations and voices in your head.

Evil does not have the last word, but it does have the first word when
it comes to how we naturally relate to the world around us.

The Reformers talked about the 'total depravity of man.' This can be
mis-construed to mean that everyone is completely wretched through and
through. Clearly this is not the case. There is much that is good in
the world. But absolutely none of it is as good as it was intended to

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